Aspects of planets in horoscope

Which sign is that planet in right now?

In this post we will study about some interesting aspects of vedic astrology.

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Let us first begin by taking a look at the chart showing the 12 houses, the corresponding raashis , their master planets and so forth. Whether friends or enemies, life or property is endangered. It happens suddenly and without warning e. Saving grace is, if it is aspected by Sun or Moon or Jupiter etc.

Suppose Rahu in the 1st house in the horoscope, occupies 3rd house in annual chart, it may lead to accident.

When Planets Are Across the Zodiac Wheel

A planet exalted or debilitating in the main horoscope gives good or bad results only when placed in the house reserved for it in the Annual Chart. For example exalted Jupiter in Cancer gives its exalted effect only when it occupies the 4th and 2nd house in the Annual Chart, so is the case with other planets.

Deception means to mislead. Sometimes a planet deceives or misleads an individual in a good or bad sense.

Astrology: The Opposition (Aspect)

Occasionally a man receives an unexpected windfall or unexpected reverses. Such a planet will be doubly bad or good. Refer to Explanatory Notes under House no. When no. In other words, he will face unexpected loss or reverses. The planetary energies are polarized.

Each planet tries to take the upper hand in a me-versus-them outlook, and outer events can intensify their interaction. Cooperation and awareness are necessary to foster growth. The most common astrology keywords for oppositions resonate with Saturn themes: polarization, confrontation, conflict, cooperation or lack thereof , partnership, compromise, awareness of otherness, separation, fulfillment, harvest, culmination. Opposing planets are in signs with the same mode of action and polarity, but a different element.


Of course, depending on the planets involved, this can be an easy relationship or more problematic. Because they have such similar wants and styles, they can create a beautiful friendship… or drive over a cliff like Thelma and Louise. Common astrological keywords for conjunctions include: beginnings, new cycles, initiations, pioneer, consolidate, concentrate, intensify, strengthen, empower, emphasize, prominence, focus, unify. Like a game of telephone, sometimes things get lost along the way…. Just glancing at the Thema Mundi, you might have already realized that the earliest type of planet relationships are aspects by sign.

As we just explored, the Zodiac signs in which these planets sit share something in common, such as the same mode, element or polarity again, check out the article on Zodiac signs if these are new words. So, for example, all planets in the Earth signs Taurus , Virgo or Capricorn are in aspect to one another, because they are all viewing the world through earthy, pragmatic lenses. Or all planets in Cardinal signs are in aspect to one other, because they all share the cardinal way of tackling life challenges.

Aspects in Astrology: the Key to Understanding Your Natal Chart

In other words, planets in aspect by sign have something in common with the filters by which they view the world. These are like friends or antagonists living in under the same roof together. They always find a way to get along — eventually. While nowadays we may not spend much time under the stars, the folks who invented astrology centuries ago did. Every night.

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  4. And so astrologers used In mundo aspects to describe how planets visually appear in the sky. In fact quadrant house systems — like Placidus or Koch — are an attempt to capture in mundo aspects visually in a chart. And so planets in the Ninth house in Placidus, are making an in mundo aspect with planets in the First House. Aspects by degree are newer, in the sense we needed a high degree of accuracy in our chart calculations to precisely locate the positions of planets. This came with the evolution of technology such as clocks, astrolabes, and books of planetary positions.

    Aspects by degree indicate an even more close, more intense connection between two or more planets. These are like people in a room actively engaged in a face-to-face dialog, sharing their experience of the world. Perhaps the most commonly used minor aspects are the semi-sextile 30 degrees and the inconjunct degrees. Astrologers have also conceived of a more numerological theory of aspects based on other whole-number divisions of a circle. This numerological theory for aspect is also the inspiration behind a harmonic astrology, a modern school of astrology, as well as the divisional charts in Indian Vedic astrology.

    This special guide will give you a step-by-step roadmap to learn how to read a chart for yourself and others….

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