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There are views that Vaakya Panchang calculations are outdated and redundant but in most Nadi based systems especially thumb print astrology, only Vakya Panchang is used.

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Even in most ancient and Navagraha temples, they follow only Vakya Panchang and on Dec 19th millions gathered to Shaneeswara temple in Tamil Nadu to witness prayers being conducted. Though most people don't follow Vakya Panchang for astrological purpose, there is no denying that there is an esoteric as well as divine significance associated with it. Still some olden day astrologers especially in Tamil Nadu vouch for horoscopes based on Vakya and if I'm not wrong before Lahiri commission, the ayanamsa which was followed was closer to Vaakya or Surya Sidhantha.

Now coming to Drik Ganitha Panchangam. In this system there are plenty of ayanamsas which again creates plenty of distortions sometimes in Rasi chart and more so in divisional charts. We will take 4 ayanamsas for comparison and see how each of them gives different results and if you are doubtful about birth time, it may need to be tweaked based on the ayanamsa you choose.

Apart from these there is also the center of galactic ayanamsa which is said to be 28 minutes off from Lahiri and Yukteshwar ayanamsa very close to Raman. A part of Navamsa is 3 degrees 20 mins which makes it around At AM, Lagna enters Cancer.

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As per KP it would have entered about 20 seconds earlier. As per PP ayanamsa, it enters almost 4 and half minutes earlier 1 degree is 4 mins and 0. So in this case even before , Lagna is already in Cancer. So at just past it already has gone into Cancer.

Ayanamsa or ayanamsha means precession between the Western and Vedic zodiac

In my opinion 6 mins is a substantial amount of time and if you see someone having 29 degrees in Lagna as per Lahiri, then for sure the person has already moved into the next sign as per BV Raman. Thus the correct Ayanamsa is absolutely essential when fixing the birth time and it cannot be the same across different systems. Similarly you would find significant differences in Moon where there are bright chances that you may actually be a pada forward as per Raman in comparison to Lahiri and difference of Dasa balance can be upwards of 2 years.

Mere predictions? It is about Karma. I want a sincere opinion from you. Feel free to email me if you dont want to make it public. Jyotish — loosely translates from Sanskrit as the guiding light. I am very sure that the original intent of rishis was way more than just predictions. Example Mercury and Jupiter are strong and in conjunction in a chart. Now if Saturn also joins this, this could be a deep ability spanning from general to technical subjects as well.

Hi, Sorry to barge in this thread. I have received different ages for this terminology — 30, 32, 35, 40 and few say it depends on the planet and ages pertaining to it I have no clue. I have been able to start my studies in astrology only an year back after my Rahu dasa started… still stumbling on the basics and no clarity in my path. Nicely written reply. I had similar question too.

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What is the point of knowing about something that will happen in future? Even if given some negative prediction might help utilize his time best, or in accepting the situation or just more thinking to perform any good karma.

So also about remedies — I get confused on what is point of a gemstone when remedies should be seva. Jyotish, as I said before, is only meant to be a guiding light.

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Difficult times are like say a snowy day with ice on the roads. Sins we do are the debts. Lastly for gems, they act as magnifiers. They are not by definition used as a remedy, rather as means of enhancing the impact of good planets in ones chart which are functional benefics and have an intention to do good but are relatively weak and need a boost. Rahu can give good, bad or neutral results to anyone depending on its placement, yogas and strengths in ones horoscope.

In my case it is [12 hours minutes : 10 seconds] and recorded time is [12 hours minutes]. Can you please enlighten me on this? I will be indebted to life for ever. Affly yours, Charriramesh.

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Can you tell briefly? Is it correct? Rashi chart is the main chart with 12 signs each having 30 degrees at the time of birth. Then i sent a mail telling there is small change in timing i. Can you please reply?

Master of KP/Vedic Astrology Dr Andrew Dutta (Shocking Insights) Lahiri vs. KP

A lagna usually can stay around from 2 to 2. Anyone born in those 2 hrs will have the same lagna chart unless any planet changes sign in that time. Divisional charts will change as the degrees of the lagna progress in those 2 hours. Will it be correct to say planets mature completely by the age of Rahu takes the longest. Thereafter life could be somewhat smooth or takes a different path. Can you please share your thoughts. Ketu matures at ones 47th birthday.

I have many questions and google for direction. One such brought me to your site. This is a treasure trove of knowledge. Great job. A question on dispositor. Jupiter in Cancer, for Leo Lagna.

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  5. Dispositor, Moon, waning and thus malefic kroora but exalted in Taurus. What will the effect be on Jupiter? I dont do personal readings, just here to have people learn to fish as opposed to giving them one. I respect your not doing personal readings and that is why I did not give details with regards to degrees etc.

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    I am seeking to learn and on the web I see a lot of wanna be astrologers with incorrect knowledge. So, my question is — one of the factors influencing a graha is the strength of its dispositor. If the dispositor has a high shadbala but happens to be a functional malefic, how do we interpret it? Will it help or hurt? Kindly bear with me for my questions. Soul aspect based on 8th Lord in 12th and children aspect based on 5th Lord in 12th? If the answer would be too long for the time available to you or if I am not even close, forget this question. Thank you Vivek. I am going through the topics here one by one and learning so much.

    This a treasure trove of knowledge, glad I found it. You seem to have accumulated so much good karma for your young age. Teaching others this noble subject. And, until some time ago, doing astrological readings. All for free, WOW!!

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